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CONGRATULATIONS! So you're probably reading this blog post because you recently got engaged, or are finally getting round to planning the most perfect day of your life. Your wedding day should be the most memorable day, filled with love and everything your heart desires. Most brides rush to get the most exciting part of the big day organised... the wedding dress. There are often long waits for your dress to be made, and more often than not, being the creative ladies that you are, you want to tweak it here and there to make it unique and perfect, and just for you. What many couples don't realise is that your other vendors can get booked up too, and need just as much notice as your wedding dress shop or venue, as we do lots of tweaking and creating to make your day special. As florists, we love getting as much notice as possible to plan and execute everything you've dreamt of, so to help you out, if you have no clue where to start looking, read below for our top tips for finding your perfect wedding florist, and getting the flowers you've always dreamed of.



So you've probably been planning your wedding since you were 5 right? You've got that secret pinterest board going of all of the gorgeous flowers, colour schemes and themes that you just love, that your other half doesn't know about. Everything on that board is unique to you and your style, and as florists, we love to see those too (we probably also have that very same secret board)! Every florist has their own style, their own thing that just makes them fall in love with flowers all over again whenever they get to create it, and here at The Flower Boutique, we're no different. Whilst our shop has its own style - we're vintage and whimiscal and rustic, as individual florists, we also have our own style within this, and we each have a 'thing' that we're just kick-ass at. Emi rocks the flower crowns and anything delicate and fiddly (too fiddly for some of us with huge hands!), Danie smashes the Buttonholes and more traditional wedding styles, and Kim kills it with her bouquets. With a multitude of skill sets and styles between us, we make the perfect combination for almost any wedding. We said almost... your style and your florists' style need to be somewhere along the same lines for this relationship to work well. If we get your vibe and we're on the same level, you'll be safe to assume your flowers will be damn near perfect! 

Book a consultation asap 


Florists love nothing more than getting to use their creativity, and weddings are the perfect setting for us to do this. You don't want run of the mill, been there done that, wedding flowers. You want something unique and created just for your special day. Our no-obligation wedding consultations are the perfect setting to bounce your ideas off of someone who knows what they're doing. Booking early is a must! As a business, we only do one wedding a day, so that we can give your wedding our undivided attention. In the height of wedding season (April-September) this often means that we are turning away couples who we would have loved to have worked with, simply because we are are already booked up. We reserve your date free of charge until you have decided whether you want to use our services, if not, hey no worries, we'll just release the date back out for another couple to book up. 

Detailed Quotations are a must!

Any florist worth their weight in gold, will want to make your day stress-free and hassle-free. Any quotation you receive you want to be detailed. This detail reassures you that they listened and they truly do get your vibe. To reassure you a little bit more, we also attach a photo of every single flower we have discussed and quoted for your arrangements. That way, you get a brief outline of what they will look like together and much more of a feel for what you're going to be getting. Beware of florists using generic terms, make sure they list the specific type of rose you discussed; the exact type of eucalyptus they intend on using, generic can sometimes mean they aren't all they're cracked up to be...or maybe they're just lazy. An in depth and detailed quote shows you we're serious. 



Make sure you have a rough idea of the amount you would be willing to spend on our floral arrangements. Don't think that by not telling us your budget, you might save some money or be able to haggle. Often, this stance can have the reverse effect. We aren't here to take all your money or mug you off, we're here to help make your day as special as it can be. Images on pinterest are super helpful, but not when it comes to the monetary value of your flowers. You may love peonies and hydrangeas, but they aren't budget friendly and you may not realise this. If we know you're rough budget before hand, we might be able to offer suitable alternatives that will help to keep the style the same but help the pennies in your pocket. If you really don't know how much you would be willing to spend, our wedding planner is very experienced at being able to give you a rough price of where you might be once we've discussed all of your requirements. Our wedding quotations aren't final, and can be tweaked and amended to fit your price range. 

Social Media

Make sure you check our your florist to be on social media. Our pages on facebook and instagram are quite telling about our style, quality of work and abilties. Because we have a shop and a studio, you might see a whole range of photos, from bouquets we've made to order, the pretty outside of our shop, or a wedding we've just completed. This tells you that we're serious about our business. We take pride in all of our work and we are proud to showcase to you all of our talents and skills. Watch out for florists who have replicas of the same style of photo or 10 photos of the same wedding clogging up their feed. They may give the illusion that they're super busy, when really they arent. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but just beware of pretenders or wannabes who are offering crazy cheap prices...there's always a reason, and their social media often points this out to you. 

The Venue


An established florist who has been around for a while, will know most venues within their local area. Whilst this is certainly an added bonus, it doens't mean that just because we haven't worked there we shouldn't. It may have been the case that we just haven't had the opportunity to work with them yet. Likewise, just because a florist is listed as a recommended supplier for a venue, doesn't mean you have to use them. There are some venues, such as Moore Place, where we are a recommended supplier, because we work well together, not because we have paid to feature on their web page or in their brochure. Have a chat with your florist, if they haven't dressed the venue before, they, like us, should offer to go and check it out, make sure they know before the wedding day, exactly what they're walking in to. If you're florist isn't prepared to do this for you, I'd stay clear! 

The level of service on offer

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A final thing to take note of is the level of service your florist is offering. We offer consultations at a place of your choice your home, our shop, our studio, a coffee shop near your home. We offer detailed quotations and images and offer unlimited numbers of quotes and tweaks to designs and prices until you're happy. We offer a payment plan to enable you pay the balance off in manageable chunks so you aren't hit with another bill 4 weeks before your wedding date. And finally, we offer full installation and set up as a part of our quotation, so we aren't just going to dump it at your venue and run! 

With all of these things in mind, we hope you have an amazing time planning your dream day. And if you would like to get in touch to discuss your wedding flower options, we'd love to hear from you! 

The Flower Boutique xx

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