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In this blog post we would like to provide you with a selection of our seasonal Spring flower favourites, which are sure to take your wedding flowers to the next level. Shopping seasonally means that you get great quality flowers, as they aren't forced to grow outside of their natural remit, and great prices too due to their wide availability. 

Continue reading for our top 8 spring flower faves:

1. Tulips - a firm favourite in the spring flower line up, once Christmas is over, we all love to fill our houses with these beautiful blooms, which help to bring a little ray of sunshine into everyones lives. With their natural bend and droop, these little stunners can really add country cottage charm to any wedding theme. 

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2. Narcissus - the lovable daffodil. You can't deny that when you look at this shining ray of yellow sunshine, you start to smile. Dinky little white and yellow versions of this flower are becoming more popular and tone down the brightness, allowing you to keep that just picked look, which is tipped to be very popular this year. 

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3. Hyacinth - another popular household spring flower, the hyacinth can really elevate your wedding blooms, adding interesting colour, texture and shapes. Pair with other spring flowers for a truly stunning seasonal arrangement. 

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4. Muscari - this little blue gem really is something special, adding delicate little pops of blue to your wedding arrangements.This tiny flower is only short so perfect for bouquets and jars, to give a relaxed and cottage garden feel to your day. 

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5. Genista - a fountain of gorgeousness, this flower really adds interesting shape and texture to your floral arrangements. Perfect for dainty little flashes of colour, or adding a little floral explosion to your blooms. 

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6. Ranunculus - every one loves ranunclus, thats why it's on our list of favourite spring time blooms. Gorgeous, fluffy, and super affordable in the spring time, the perfect bloom for pretty wedding flowers. 

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7. Anenomes - with their striking jet black centres, anenomes are the best statement flowers for spring weddings. Delicate petals encircle a deep onyx centre, affording this bloom the reputation of one of the best spring flowers on the market. 

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8. Mimosa - famous for its soft sprays of yellow flowers, mimosa makes for the perfect spring alternative to gypsophila. 

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If you're looking for spring wedding flowers or would like to throw some ideas around, then please get in touch with our wedding planner, Kim, who'd be more than happy to help you out. 

The Flower Boutique xx

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